February 14, 2023

Zhe Gao

Zhe Gao

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
 Office: FG815
Curriculum Vitae: PDF

Research Interests

I focus on two themes in second language acquisition (SLA) using both experimental and corpus-based approaches. First, I explore the cognitive mechanisms behind SLA. I study how learners process and produce a second language (L2), what challenges they face, and what strategies they develop during the learning. Rooted in the first theme, the second theme aims to develop novel pedagogical methods and tools to improve L2 learning of various linguistic skills. I am especially interested in digital language learning. To be specific, I am developing virtual reality (VR) games, websites and APPs for Chinese learning, examining their short- and long-term effectiveness and exploring their impact on learners’ cognition.


(* = publications co-authored with students)

  • Gao, Z., MacWhinney, B., & Wiener, S. (under preparation). L2 learning of Chinese verb separation through a language tutor.  
  • Gao, Z., Wiener, S., & MacWhinney, B. (2022). Acquisition of Chinese verb separation by adult L2 learners. Languages, 7(3), 225.
  • Wiener, S., Gao, Z., Li, X., & Wu, Z. (2022). Acquisition of non-sibilant anterior English fricatives by adult second language learners. Journal of Second Language Pronunciation, 8(1), 68-94.
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  • * Feldgoise, J., Chui, J., & Gao, Z. (2021). The belt and road initiative as a path for Chinese tech company expansion. Studies in Chinese Learning and Teaching, 6, 147-174.
  • Gao, Z. (2020). L2 learning of opaque Chinese compounds through elaborative encoding. Chinese as a Second Language, 55(1), 1-23.