May 9, 2023

Shuang Geng


Geng Shuang

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
 Office: FG815
Curriculum Vitae: PDF

Research Interests

In my research, I am interested in investigating the potential clinical use of large language model  to support the our diagnosis and treatment of mental disease, for example, developing large language models to automatically identify and classify symptoms of depression and developing interactive chatbots or virtual assistants powered by large language models to provide support for individuals treatment.

Recent Publications

Geng, S., Quiñones, I., Gil-Robles, S., Pomposo Gastelu, I. C., Bermudez, G., Timofeeva, P., Molinaro, N., Carreiras, M., & Amoruso, L. (2023). “Neural dynamics supporting longitudinal plasticity of action naming across languages: MEG evidence from bilingual brain tumor patients”. Neuropsychologia, 181, 108494.


Timofeeva, P., Quiñones I.,  Geng, S., Angela de Bruin; Carreiras, M,. & Amoruso, L. (in press). Behavioral and oscillatory signatures of switch costs in highly proficient bilinguals. Scientific Reports.


Geng, S., Molinaro, N., Timofeeva, P., Quiñones, I., Carreiras, M., & Amoruso, L. (2022). Oscillatory dynamics underlying noun and verb production in highly proficient bilinguals. Scientific Reports, 12(1), 1–10.


Amoruso, L., Geng, S., Molinaro, N., Timofeeva, P., Gisbert-Muñoz, S., Gil-Robles, S., Pomposo, I., Quiñones, I., & Carreiras, M. (2020). Oscillatory and structural signatures of language plasticity in brain tumor patients: A longitudinal study. Human Brain Mapping, December, 0–17.

Gisbert-Muñoz, S., Quiñones, I., Amoruso, L., Timofeeva, P., Geng, S., Boudelaa, S., Pomposo, I., Gil-Robles, S., & Carreiras, M. (2020). MULTIMAP: Multilingual picture naming test for mapping eloquent areas during awake surgeries. Behavior Research Methods, September.

Zhang, M., Tan, X., Shen, L., Wang, A., Geng, S., & Chen, Q. (2014). Interaction between allocentric and egocentric reference frames in deaf and hearing populations. Neuropsychologia, 54(1), 68–76.

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