October 19, 2022

Mingjun Zhai

Mingjun Zhai

Research Assistant Professor
 Office: EF406a
E-Mail: mingjun.zhai@polyu.edu.hk
Curriculum Vitae: CV

Research Interests:

My core area of research is in understanding cognitive and neural representations underlying our ability to process words and concepts, with a particular emphasis on understanding the different levels of representation involved, how they interact, and how the representational structure changes with experience and in different contexts. My approach to these questions largely relies on connecting behavioural and brain measures of similarity between stimuli and the similarity structure generated from well-established computational theories of how information is coded at different levels of representations.


Qu, Q., Feng, C., Macklin, A., Zhai, M., & Fischer-Baum, S. (under review). Semantic context increases neural pattern dissimilarity across object naming. Cognition.
Zhai, M., Chen, H. C., & Yip, M. C. (2020). Stroke Encoding Processes of Chinese Character During Sentence Reading. Experimental Psychology.
Zhai, M., & Fischer-Baum, S. (2019). Exploring the effects of knowledge of writing on reading Chinese characters in skilled readers. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 45(4), 724.
Yip, M. C. W., & Zhai, M. (2018). Processing homophones interactivity: Evidence from eye-movement data. Scientific Reports, 8, 9812.
Yip, M. C. W., & Zhai, M. (2018). Context effects and spoken word recognition of Chinese: An eye-tracking study. Cognitive Science, 42, 1134-1153.