February 18, 2022

Adel Chaouch-Orozco

Adel Chaouch-Orozco

Research Assistant Professor
 Office: EF406b
E-Mail: adel.chaouchorozco@polyu.edu.hk
Curriculum Vitae: PDF

Research Interests

  • Lexical-semantic representation and processing
  • Bi-/multilingualism
  • Computational approaches to the study of language
  • Language, cognitition, and culture


    • Liu, H. & Chaouch-Orozco, A. Evaluation of the Multilingual Naming Test (MINT) as a quick and practical proxy for proficiency. (Accepted). Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism.
    • Liu, H. & Chaouch-Orozco, A. The influence of stimulus type on language processing in comprehension. (Accepted). Proceedings of the 46th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society.
    • Chaouch-Orozco, A. & Martín-Villena, F. Network science reveals the early signs of L1 lexical attrition: Introducing the Lexical Attrition Foundation (LeAF) framework. (2024). Bilingualism: Language and Cognition.
    • Puig-Mayenco, E., Chaouch-Orozco, A., Martín-Villena, F., & Liu, H.(2023). LexTALE as a measure of global L2 proficiency: a word of caution. Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism.
    • Chaouch-Orozco, A., González Alonso, J., Duñabeitia, J.A., Rothman, J. (2023). Are translation equivalents really equivalent? Evidence from concreteness effects in translation priming. International Journal of Bilingualism.
    • Liu, H., & Chaouch-Orozco, A. (2022). Is the digit effect a cognate effect? Digits (still) differ from pictures in non-phonologically mediated language switching. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, 1-7.
    • Judy, T., Puig-Mayenco, E., Chaouch-Orozco, A., Martín-Villena, F., & Miller, D. (2022). Testing the Competing Systems Hypothesis: Further evidence from aspect in tutored L1-English–L2-Spanish. Second Language Research.
    • Chaouch-Orozco, A., González Alonso, J., Duñabeitia, J.A., Rothman, J. (2022). The elusive impact of L2 immersion on translation priming. Studies in Second Language Acquisition, 1-23.
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