November 29, 2021

Shaoyun Yu


Shaoyun Yu

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
 Office: FG815
Phone: +852 6561-0608
E-Mail: /
Curriculum Vitae: PDF

Research Interests

• Embodied cognition theory and virtual reality.
• Bayesian statistical modeling and advanced research technologies.
• Crosslinguistic research on the processing of word order, animacy, and case marking in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Tongan.
• Sino-Xenic vocabularies in Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese.

Recent Publications

1. Kajiura, M., Jeong, H., Kawata, N., Yu, S., Kinoshita, T., Kawashima, R., & Sugiura, M. (2021). Brain activity predicts future learning success in intensive second language listening training. Brain and Language, 212,

2. Yu, S., & Tamaoka, K. (2020). Trade-off effect in the processing of Korean casedrop sentences: An eye tracking investigation. Human Behaviour and Brain 1(2), 49-57.

3. Yu, S., & Tamaoka, K. (2018). Age-related differences in the acceptability of noncanonical word orders in Mandarin Chinese. Lingua Sinica, 4.

4. Kwon, N., & Yu, S. (2018). Experimental evidence for the productivity of total reduplication in Japanese ideophones and ordinary vocabulary. Language Sciences, 66, 166–182.

5. Hayakawa, K., Yu, S., Chu, X., & Tamaoka, K. (2017). Objective indexes of phonological similarity between Japanese and Chinese two-kanji compound words: A comparative study on objective and subjective indexes [日中二字漢字語 における客観的音韻類似性指標 : 主観的音韻類似性指標との比較]. Center for Japanese Language Education Kwansei Gakuin University, 6, 21–34.