July 12, 2021

Phonological Representation Database for Chinese Characters

1. Do you want the phonological representation with features coded by:Info on Running Head
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2. Do you want to include the inftromation about tones in the representations? Info on Running Head
Without tones, With tones.
3. Do you want the left-justified or right-justified representation?Info on Running Head
Left-justified, Right-justified.
4. Do you want to check the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) form of each Pinyin representation?Info on Running Head
IPA, Without IPA.
5. Do you want to check the IPA form with each phoneme represented by an ASCII symbol in a CVVVC template?Info on Running Head
Yes, No.
6. Do you want to check the example Chinese characters for each Pinyin representation (for w/o tones only) ? Info on Running Head
Yes, No.
7. You can narrow down your search by typing the Pinyin here.Info on Running Head
PinYin: Tone:
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  • Dr. Ping Li: BLC Lab Director
  • Dr. Xiaowei Zhao: Developer of the Database