March 19, 2018

Rong Zhao

Rong Zhao

Visiting Scholar

Office: 456 Moore
Curriculum Vitae: PDF

Research Interests

I am a visiting PhD student from Shaanxi Normal University. My primary research interests include using ERP, fMRI to investigate the cognitive and neural basis of lexical tone processing and word reading. Please feel free to communicate with me if you are interested in these areas.


  • Zhao, R., Fan, R., Liu, M., Wang, X., & Yang, J. (2017). Rethinking the Function of Brain Regions for Reading Chinese Characters in A Meta-analysis of fMRI Studies. Journal of Neurolinguistics. 44:120-133.
  • Zhao, R., Wang, X., & Yang, J. (2016). The Role of Tone in Chinese Syllable Perception. Acta Psychologica Sinca. 8 (48): 915-923. (In Chinese)
  • Wang, X., Zhao, R., Zevin, J. D., & Yang, J. (2016). The Neural Correlates of the Interaction between Semantic and Phonological Processing for Chinese Character Reading. Frontiers in Psychology. 7 (518).
  • Wang, X., Zhao, R., & Yang, J. (2015). Adapting Dynamic Causal Modeling to Investigate the Cooperation between the Ventral and Dorsal Routes of Reading Neural Network. Advances in Psychological Science. 23 (5): 737-744. (In Chinese)