March 14, 2018

Cong Liu

Cong Liu

Visiting Scholar
Office: 456 Moore

Research Interests

I’m a visiting PhD student from South China Normal University. My current research focuses on cognitive and neural mechanisms of bilingual language switching, and the interaction between bilingualism and cognitive control.




  • Liu, C., Jiao, L., Wang, Z., Wang. M., Wu, Y. J. & Wang, R. (accept). Symmetries of bilingual language switch costs in conflicting versus non-conflicting contexts. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition (SSCI).
  • Liu, C., Jiao, L, Sun, X, Wang, R. (2016). Immediate effect of language switch on non-proficient bilinguals’ cognitive control components. Acta Psychologica Sinica, 48(5): 472-481.
  • Jiao, L., Liu, C., Wang, R., & Chen, B. (2017). Working memory demand of a task modulates bilingual advantage in executive functions. International Journal of Bilingualism (SSCI), 1–16.
  • Wang, R., Fan, X., Liu C., Cai, G. Z., (2014). Cognitive control and word recognition speed influence the Stroop effect in bilinguals. International Journal of Psychology (SSCI), 51(2): 93-101.