May 14, 2015


Brain3M is a project aimed at promoting science education and outreach with the use of digital technology. It provides a platform for students to study the brain, its anatomy and functions, and the brain-behavior-cognition relationships. Brain3M includes a web-based interface that runs on laptops and mobile devices, which will be connected to magnetic resonance imaging brain scans and 3D printers for plastic brain models. This platform creates an interactive, technology-rich, learning environment that makes neuroscience more accessible and appealing to students at all levels. The project is funded by the Social Science Research Institute and the Center for Brain, Behavior, and Cognition at the Pennsylvania State University.

Click here to access the 3D interface.

Check out our latest immersive VR Brain learning tool by watching the video below!













Students at Penn State’s 2016 Science-U camp learned about the brain via our interactive website and via traditional powerpoint learning
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All our Brain3M participants receive 3D- printed keychains at then end of our studies











All our Brain3M participants receive 3D-printed keychains at the end of our studies


Our lab uses a Lulzbot Taz 4 to 3D-print brain models











Our lab uses a Lulzbot Taz 4 to 3D-print brain models

Ever wonder what a 3D printed brain looks like? Here’s a clip of our 3D printer hard at work…


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Researchers promote STEM education through online learning and 3-D models.




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