JUNE 2021

Ping Li and Colleague published a paper “Predicting expository text processing: Causal content density as a critical expository text metric ” in Reading Psychology.

MARCH 2021

The Brain Science and Language Technology Laboratory at the PolyU Shenzhen Base is an innovation platform for the PolyU’s Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies at the Faculty of Humanities.

FEB 2021

Ping Li and Colleague published a paper “Brain decoding in multiple languages: Can cross-language brain decoding work? ” in Brain and Language,215: 104922.

JUNE 2020

Ping Li and Colleague published a paper “The social brain of language: grounding second language learning in social interaction” in npj Science of Learning.See also the post “Social Interaction is Good for Learning a New Language, Social Isolation is Not“.

May 2020

Ping Li and Colleagues published a paper “Virtual reality for student learning: Understanding individual differences” in “Human Behavior and Brain”.

March 2020

Ping Li and Colleagues published a paper “A neuroimaging study of semantic representation in first and second languages” in Language Cognition and Neuroscience.

March 2020

Hsu et al. (2019) “Neurocognitive signatures of naturalistic reading of scientific texts: A fixation-related fMRI study” is among the Top 100 most downloaded Scientific Reports neuroscience papers in 2019.

August 2019

Ping Li and lab colleagues received media attention for the work published on Scientific Reports, including: Tung, L. (Aug. 24, 2019). Could texting be making us worse at understanding science? Swayne, M. (Aug. 13, 2019). D0 our electronic devices make it tougher to grasp science? O’Connor, M. (Aug. 13, 2019). Neuroimaging shows e-devices may hamper understanding of Read more about August 2019[…]