Our Lab


Lab Members

Faculty Member:
Postdoctoral Fellow:
Graduate Students:
Visiting Scholars:
Lab Manager:
Undergraduate Students:
  • Weitao (Lainey) Chen
  • Ying-An (Erica) Chi
  • Zhiyin Huang
  • Zixin Tang
  • Jiaan (Andrea) Wan
Former Lab Members:
  • Jing Yang (Associate Professor, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies)
  • Sau-Chin Chen (Assistant Professor, Tzu Chi University)
  • Igor Farkas (Associate Professor, Comenius University)
  • Angela Grant (Postdoctoral Fellow, Concordia University)
  • Jon-Fan Hu (Assistant Professor, National Cheng Kung University)
  • Xiaowei Zhao (Associate Professor, Emmanuel College)
  • Benjamin Zinszer (Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Rochester)
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Lab Facilities

Our laboratory is equipped with a cluster of computers for behavioral experiments, computer simulations, and data analyses. These computers are equipped with E-Prime, SPM, Matlab and other software. We also have a 3D printer for research and outreach purposes. For high-load simulations and analysis, we also use Penn State’s High Performance Computing cluster. For fMRI studies we use the facilities at the SLEIC Imaging Center. Ample testing space is available in our lab for various cognitive and psycholinguistic experiments.